Monday, April 25, 2011

And I will hold on hope...

Not sure if knew this, but I am a hockey fan. Not just a hockey fan, I am a Buffalo Sabres fan. I can say this with pride. I follow my team like a watchful mother follows her middle school aged child as she drops him off at the movies alone for the first time. I have love for my Sabres. And just like a mom, get get disappointed when I feel that my "child" has not stepped up to the plate and done his best. Easter Sunday, playoff game 5 in the 2011 series and we lost.

It should have been and easy victory. We had the home filed advantage and a strong lead on top of that. And was gone. Its funny when you can see things slip through your fingers but you try even harder to hold onto it. As if willing it to stay there in your hand will make it so. But I feel ok with this. Sometimes you have to lose. You have to see things slipping away before you really enter into that place of pure action.

I'm hoping the best for my team and all of us as well.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Grant Writing 101

I've been dabbling in life coaching for years and now that I've been doing it full time, I want to help the community even more. That's where Ms. Khalimah Halim comes in. And by, does she make an entrance.

I've been communicating with Khalimah about opening a small business for some time now. I was leaning into child care because i taught kids for almost 8 years and I know it would be something I could excel in. But a preschool, even with my talents was not my passion. Life coaching is passion. Couples and family counseling is my ultimate goal. and for me to continue this and obtain my dream, I knew it would be a dis-service to to anything other that what I have been called to do. So I spoke with Khalimah about my dilemma and she proposed a great way to branch out. My starting a mentoring program, i could not only branch out in my community, but I could serve it as well. I'm in the beginning of the grant writing and it is a process. But the rewards will be so worth it.

So, come up with a name, a mission statement, list my targeted demographic, what my program will be and how it will run, create a budget and list any donors, sponsors or partner that will contribute. WOW! Is your head spinning too? I know, but it feels so good.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home is Where the Status is????

I was laying in bed last night, almost on the verge of a nervous break down, contemplating why I don't own my own house. And more then anything, I was trying to figure out why it bothers me so much.

My husband and I live in a beautiful neighborhood in Buffalo. Beautiful homes, parks, great night life for adults and tons of entertainment for kids. Our area really has something for everyone. But for me, is there more to it. Is it more about what people think about me me, then how I truly feel about my own situation? I started to review this. There are so many benefits to owning a home. First of all, its yours. You can do with it, what you will. You have the freedom to paint it purple and pink with blue spots if you like because its yours. There's a sense of pride that the money you spend on mortgage is money in your pocket, an investment. Then again, along with that freedom comes TONS of responsibility. You are responsible for everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Improvements, repairs, furnishings, yard care (if you have a yard. In these urban settings, its not always the case), taxes, etc.

So why the obsession? Why the longing to belong to this homeowners club, that can sometimes be more of a headache then its worth? Honestly, I don't have an answer, but I do have a better outlook. Though it does bother me at times that I still live in the world of rent, I also had a great time in that world. Traveling through Europe and Asia. Making great friends, having amazing lovers and experiencing life outside of this urban setting in Buffalo. I lived and I lived well, all while renting. It is my goal to be a homeowner and it will happen and I will have the house of my dreams, ready to make new memories for me and my family. I just won't feel bad about the journey to get there.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And so it Begins...

Its funny. I remember starting a blog when I was pregnant with my son, Masaya. And you know, that didn't go well at all. I think I entered about 5 or 6 posts and then, I was just too tired or too hungry or too sleepy to write again. Well, my son is now 14 months old (a year and some change folks) and I finally have time again.

We live in such strange times. People are so polarized and so divided. I want, hope and pray that this point of view can add a little sunshine to an era that can be so dark at times. This blog is created in an outlook of peace, love and optimism. I believe in the positive. And I don't mean that hippie bullshit that exists in the self help aisle of Barnes & Nobles. I'm taking about the pure positive energy that created life. That is in life. This is what fuels me. This is what keeps me whole. It is this that keeps me from snapping and freaking out, from losing it. It holds me together like an impenetrable glue created just for me. This is my gift to you. For the weary and broken hearted. For the ones who need a light pick me up! For all who seek encouragement and find nothing. I'm here to spread joy and I hope to receive it in return.

And so it begins. This new journey I have been appointed to take. Will you come along with me? Will you join my chorus? Will you accept my love? Here's to this new adventure and here's to a new era. xoxo