Friday, April 22, 2011

Grant Writing 101

I've been dabbling in life coaching for years and now that I've been doing it full time, I want to help the community even more. That's where Ms. Khalimah Halim comes in. And by, does she make an entrance.

I've been communicating with Khalimah about opening a small business for some time now. I was leaning into child care because i taught kids for almost 8 years and I know it would be something I could excel in. But a preschool, even with my talents was not my passion. Life coaching is passion. Couples and family counseling is my ultimate goal. and for me to continue this and obtain my dream, I knew it would be a dis-service to to anything other that what I have been called to do. So I spoke with Khalimah about my dilemma and she proposed a great way to branch out. My starting a mentoring program, i could not only branch out in my community, but I could serve it as well. I'm in the beginning of the grant writing and it is a process. But the rewards will be so worth it.

So, come up with a name, a mission statement, list my targeted demographic, what my program will be and how it will run, create a budget and list any donors, sponsors or partner that will contribute. WOW! Is your head spinning too? I know, but it feels so good.


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