Monday, April 25, 2011

And I will hold on hope...

Not sure if knew this, but I am a hockey fan. Not just a hockey fan, I am a Buffalo Sabres fan. I can say this with pride. I follow my team like a watchful mother follows her middle school aged child as she drops him off at the movies alone for the first time. I have love for my Sabres. And just like a mom, get get disappointed when I feel that my "child" has not stepped up to the plate and done his best. Easter Sunday, playoff game 5 in the 2011 series and we lost.

It should have been and easy victory. We had the home filed advantage and a strong lead on top of that. And was gone. Its funny when you can see things slip through your fingers but you try even harder to hold onto it. As if willing it to stay there in your hand will make it so. But I feel ok with this. Sometimes you have to lose. You have to see things slipping away before you really enter into that place of pure action.

I'm hoping the best for my team and all of us as well.


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