Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dedicated - The Oakk Room

The Maple Curry Chicken with yellow rice and mixed vegetables 

Hello friends! It is Restaurant Week here in Buffalo, NY and you know that this girl about town had to try some where new. Well, the spot I found not only met expectations, but it exceeded them! Now, I don't claim to be a food critic. I'm just a humble blogger. But what I do know is quality and that's just what The Oakk Room on Main Street has. Located between Elmwood Village and downtown Buffalo, The Oakk Room is accessible to all areas. The off street parking is readily available and once you step inside, the ambiance sets the mood for your evening. Friendly and courteous staff greet you and the customer service is one of the best that I have experienced in the city. Warm and welcoming, no order or question is left unsatisfied. The food was absolutely amazing (make sure you order the crab cakes, as they are to die for!), hardy portion sizes and don't get me started on the drink menu, including 50 martinis to choose from.  Not to mention the live band, playing some amazing R&B, that will keep you swaying to the music all night long. Need I say more? If you haven't taken a trip to this wonderful establishment, I suggest you stop what you're doing and head on down The Oakk Room. Tell them Malinda sent you. Hell, I may already be there. Enjoying a martini and chowing down.

Love Malinda xoxo

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The Oakk Room Signature Maryland Crab cakes

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Musings from my Desk...Part 2

Hello friends! I hope and pray all is well and that you are enjoying this gorgeous month of October. For me and my family, it's truly a month of preparations. Thinking of autumn activities to do, picking out costumes for Halloween, preparing the garden for winter, cleaning the chimney for warm, winter fires to come.

Yes, its all about getting ready. Making sure we have what we need for the months to come. I was recently talking to one of my dearest friends, Olivia about mapping things out. Both, she and I, do not care much for making New Year's Resolutions. We both agree that setting goals for yourself should not have a specific starting point, but real self improvement starts when you want it to. She was going over her list with me the other day of things she wished to accomplish and I thought to myself, 'What do I really want to accomplish?'. Yes, my Oscar for that award winning screenplay is still on my list as is a weekend at Oprah's farm in Hawaii. But, I truly had to sit down and think in increments. What could I accomplish on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis to keep my bigger dreams encouraged? Now, I'm not talking about a Bucket List. This is much simpler and more basic.  I sat down and took a pen and wrote them down. I put them on my vision wall so I could see them everyday and I encourage you all to do the same.

We keep so much in our heads, creating mental traffic jams. Why not create new roads to alleviate that confusion. Actually take out a pen and a piece of paper, sit by yourself, no phone or computer and ask yourself; what would you want to accomplish. Once you have it, place it somewhere you can see it everyday, to make yourself accountable and remind you, that no matter how good or how challenging the day, the week or the month has been, there are still things you did and will accomplish!

Love Malinda xoxo

P.S. Here are just a few (the list was a bit crazy) goals I wrote for myself if you need a little help getting started:

- Thank the Creator everyday that I wake and continue with pray of Thanksgiving (not the holiday folks, because everyday is Thanksgiving!)
-Wake up early and so some kind of workout, even if its only 15 mins.
-Have breakfast
-Reconnect with friends at least once a month (local and international)
-Have one "ME" day a week.
-Read more
-Tell my son and husband "I love you" everyday, even when they are driving me crazy.
-Do a good deed for a stranger once a month
-Finish at least one of my writing projects
-Take more pictures to understand my very expensive camera better
-Drink more water and eat healthy 70% of the time
-Go back to Japan

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hello dear friends. I won't make this post very long, as it is not so much what I have written but what I would like to say. As I was writing birthday salutations on the walls of a few Facebook friends, I stumbled across a status that truly touched my heart. It stated the following:

"There is a woman I see regularly on Elmwood (some of you know her, as well) who clearly deals with mental illness at a complex level. In between rambling rants at a fairly high decibel (which sometimes have profound pieces of information and advice and reflections), she can also hold a regular conversation if someone engages her. My favorite thing about her is that if you say hello and ask how she is doing, she says, “Trying.” It stops me in my tracks, every time. I think that sums up our human experience very well." -Jayme Cellitioci
It was this status that inspired me to write this post. But as I began to outline my thoughts, my ideas and words began to spill out of me. I knew I could not do justice to this post by writing it, so here is the video from my YouTube channel that explains what I could not write. Thank you for taking the time to see this, thank you Jayme for inspiring me and I pray that my message comes across.

Peace, blessings and love to you all,
Malinda xoxo

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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Joys of Apple Picking

Oh my dear friends, how I have missed you. This girl has had some serious writers block, but its a new month and with that I am back at it! Not only bringing you some written pieces, but also taking advantage of my channel on YouTube, so make sure you subscribe. The autumn season is in full swing here in WNY and with it comes some really awesome fall activities. My favorite by far is going WAY OUT into the country, leaving my city life behind and taking my family apple picking.

I know some of you may feel that apple picking is a little lame, juvenile or just for people with kids, but its not. There is something so calming about being in a quite orchard. The sweet smell of the air, the wet ground and the bounty of goods all around you. It is simply a time to be still and return to the very simple act of  gathering. Locally, we love Brown's Berry/Pumpkin Patch in Waterport, NY. And its not just the welcoming and knowledgable staff, the super fun activities for the kids and amazing produce and goods in the general store ( butter). But, its the gorgeous drive up, complete with Amish buggy caution signs. On the way back we actually saw a horse and carriage riding up the rode and I cannot begin to describe to you the excitement that exuded from all three of us in the car. Plus, we made a stop at Olcott Beach on the way home and picked up some beautiful shore stones for home decor and some outdoor fun later on. It has become a family tradition for us and one that creates amazing memories, encourages us to bond and gets us aways from our mobile phones, computers, social media and all the like. We are able to just be. To connect with each other and fest on sweet and nutritious treats all at the same time. So gas up your ride, get your family or friends or the one closest to your heart and go out there and start picking some apples!!!!

Love Malinda xoxo

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