Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hello dear friends. I won't make this post very long, as it is not so much what I have written but what I would like to say. As I was writing birthday salutations on the walls of a few Facebook friends, I stumbled across a status that truly touched my heart. It stated the following:

"There is a woman I see regularly on Elmwood (some of you know her, as well) who clearly deals with mental illness at a complex level. In between rambling rants at a fairly high decibel (which sometimes have profound pieces of information and advice and reflections), she can also hold a regular conversation if someone engages her. My favorite thing about her is that if you say hello and ask how she is doing, she says, “Trying.” It stops me in my tracks, every time. I think that sums up our human experience very well." -Jayme Cellitioci
It was this status that inspired me to write this post. But as I began to outline my thoughts, my ideas and words began to spill out of me. I knew I could not do justice to this post by writing it, so here is the video from my YouTube channel that explains what I could not write. Thank you for taking the time to see this, thank you Jayme for inspiring me and I pray that my message comes across.

Peace, blessings and love to you all,
Malinda xoxo

*For those of you accessing this through the newsletter, the video link is not incorporated. Please visit my website at or my YouTube channel at  to access the video. Thank you for understanding.


  1. Spechless Malinda. You are reminding me of the power of our words and how inspiration is circular and exponential. Thank you for sharing of your beautiful self and talents.

    1. So sorry this is late Jayme. Thank you so much for inspiring this post. It truly moved me on so many different levels and I hope it spoke to others as well.