Monday, February 6, 2012

Til I reach the highest ground

Its so funny. I'm sitting here collecting all these ideas and images about gardening and the thing is, I do not now the first thing about gardening. Since we bought our home in November, the weather wasn't cause for getting things together, not mention that fact they were we're getting adjusted to the notion that we own our own house. Now that the "new-ness" of homeownership is wearing off, Kenji and i are really starting to put our time and money into bringing this house up to standards. Now, don't get me wrong, there's really not much for us to do, other then get the backyard into shape, change the outside cold and put some more furniture in here. What I'm rally suggesting is we have an image of our life, our family life and we are doing what we can to make that vision a reality. We're smart enough to know that we can't do this in a few weeks, months or a year, but we do know that it will get there and sooner then we anticipate.

I guess what I'm saying is, if there is something you want, go for it. Because the only thing stopping you is you. We live in a society where everything is instant and it kills us to have to wait. I know, I'm an only child and it still drives me crazy that I can't get something right when I want it. But, the thing about me is if I want something, I know that I'm going to get it. The older I've gotten, I just realize that it may or may not take time. Gotta go, back to gardening tips with Martha Stewart.

Sending so much love to you and you and you....

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  1. Pintrest and Real Simple are your friends...

    And enemies, all at the same time.

    How many hours I have wasted on both sites.