Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Tokyo Girl At Heart Interviews Buffalo Writer Keyon "Keyz" Lee

Myself and author Keyon "Keyz" Lee.

Hello my friends! I hope all is well. We are officially in a new season and spring has finally sprung here in Western New York. I love spring for so many reason (other then I was born in March), but the one that sticks out in my mind the most is the symbolization of new beginnings and rebirth. We awaken from a cold and gray slumber of winter and walk into the sunlight and blue skies of spring. With all things new, I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with poet, novelist and enterpenur Keyon Lee.

  Mr. Lee is a Buffalo native and very proud to be a part of the Buffalo art scene. He is a seasoned professional and is inspired by Buffalo and excited for the current renaissance going on here. I have to admit that Keyon Lee has been a big part of this artist resurgence, since his first published works and is a staple in the urban literary world here in Western New York.  Not only that, he is also the owner of City Swagg Fashions, located in the popular west side area of Buffalo at 19th Street and Hampshire Street. But Mr. Lee is ready to venture outside our local boarders and enthusiastic to bring his many talents to the rest of America. His latest novel Tears of Our Children is a vast departure from his previous and popular book Older Women, Younger Men: Cougars, but Mr. Lee felt that the very heavy topic of molestation is one that needs to be discussed, especially in the black community. So without further delay, here is my interview with the multi-talented Mr. Keyon Lee. His works are available on Amazon and here in Buffalo at Doris Records and City Swagg Fashions. Finally, for more information on Mr. Lee and his upcoming projects and appearances make sure you check out or check back here.

Enjoy and be blessed!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Tokyo Girl At Heart Interviews Singer Olivia Burrell

Hello my dear friends! It has been AGES since I've written. And I know I say this often, but I'm not letting you all go for so long without hearing from me. It's a new year and a new month, so I decided that I needed to bring you some new and awesome stuff. And what better way to start then with an interview with singer/songwriter, Olivia Burrell.

To give you a little background on Olivia, she is a Toronto native, of Jamacian decent. She is currently living and working in Tokyo, Japan, and has been for the past 13 years. And, she is the premier backing vocal artist for some of the most famous and talented Japanese artists there are, such as JUJU, PUSHIM, Ayaka, Tsuyoshi Domoto and Toshinobu Kubota. So enough of me, here is my interview with the talented, beautiful and all around wonderful Olivia Burrell. You can find more on Olivia at the following links: