Monday, September 22, 2014

Dedicated- Renew Bath and Body Shop

Yummy treats for the senses at Renew Bath and Body

Hello my friends! I've been dying to post this entry all weekend, but wanted to make sure it was perfect. Western New York, if you're not familiar with this lovely store, let me introduce you to Renew Bath and Body here in Elmwood Village.
A gorgeous storefront welcomes you.
Renew Bath and Body at 927 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo NY 14222

I remember seeing this lovely storefront and was immediately interested because I absolutely adore all things bath and body. I finally had a chance to explore this establishment when I went shopping for a birthday present a few weeks ago. As soon as I walked in, the delicious and fragrant scents put me in a relaxed mood, not to mention the good music coming from overhead. It was the definition of ambiance. The displays of body scubs, bath bombs, soaps, body butters and other goodies screamed "buy me". How could I resist? I was greeted by the stores' owner, Tom Akers and his adorable pup Barbara Jean. Tom, his store manager, Ashley and the entire staff at Renew Bath and Body, run a tight ship. They are friendly, without being over bearing. And they are knowledgeable about the products that they sell and believe in. The in-store demos are a great help to see which products are best for you and you're about to sample a varieties of things. Oh and did I meant that these are all natural, chemical free products! Who doesn't love that?? Intrigued with what I was seeing and smelling, I had to know more. So I interviewed Tom to learn more about his shop, his vision and what Renew Bath and Body has in-store for Buffalo. Here's what he had to say:

Rich, natural soaps line the wall. 
1. What was the inspiration for Renew? I have been a skin enthusiast my whole live and was raised by a family of hippies so we always made it our dinner conversations about natural remedies for the skin!!

2. What is your vision for Renew and what do you hope to bring to Elmwood Village & Buffalo? My vision for renew bath and body is to be the “go to” for skin education and start making renew private label items. Start having soap making classed, along with oils and lotions making classes! I hope to bring Elmwood Village Product lines that they would normally have to go to a mall to get and its my goal to make every citizen of Buffalo to smell good! I believe in order to be a city of neighbors you MUST smell good first!

3. What are some of your favorite items in the store? I am addicted to the Island Mango Moisturizing Wash, Milky Rich Face soap and any salt scrub I can get my hands on!

4. What are a few upcoming events taking place at Renew? renew bath and body Pre Holiday Party to show case our pre-made holiday baskets and gift boxes , roll out of our shaving section for men and a skin care line for men. We also have a variety of holiday events that go all the way thru end of December. 
Showers gels are available too.
 Are you all as excited about this place as I am? Not to mention the holiday baskets and gift boxes that are coming. If anyone out there is looking to gift me with something, please pick up a basket up for me. Nothing says loving like a gift box full of natural, great smelling bath and body products. And more then anything, I love the sense of community that this shop brings. When I stopped in a second time to pick up a little something for me, I found myself having a great conversation with Ashley about music, life and family. Its not just about the sale, its about creating a rapport with customers. Getting to know them and making the shopping experience as personal as possible in a short period of time. This is what supporting local is all about. The benefits to everyone as a whole is astounding and the main reason why I will always support businesses in my neighborhood.

Take your pick of custom soaps.

Well my friends, I've taken up enough of your time. Get out, go shop and check out Renew Bath and Body.

For more information on this lovely store you can visit them on the web at or you can find them on Facebook at

But I believe its best to just head on down and see for yourself. And as always my dears, enjoy!

Love Malinda xoxo

The unofficial greeter of Renew Bath and Body :)

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