Thursday, February 13, 2014

Malinda's Top Valentine's Day Movies

Happy Valentine's Day my friends! Its that time of year again. And before you are start to say "Aaaaawww" or start wondering what I have planned, I'm going to stop you. I personally do not like Valentines Day for the simple reason that it has, for the most part always been a disappointment. I can remember maybe 2 Valentines Days out of my 32 years that were pretty special and one involved my son. Now, I'm not bashing V-Day, I actually love the idea of it. And yes, it is commercialized, just like any other holiday, but the essence is still there, to celebrate love and that is something I can and always will get behind. So yes, I may not be fond of the day, but I am fond of movies. Especially the ones I'm listing for you now. They have never disappointed me yet, so let's go! Oh, and just so you know, if you're looking for The Notebook or Love Actually, you've come to the wrong list and you can stop reading now. Just a heads up :)

 The Best Man & The Best Man Holiday
I remember when the first of these two films came out and every black girl just knew that they would have a wedding just like The Best Man including my damn self. I adore this movies for so many reasons. A screen full of beautiful brown  faces. The fact that they were all professionals in the midst of the their careers. And most importantly, the love shown, between partners and friends. If you haven't seen these films, please do.

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love
For those of you who read my past post talking about my bucket list, you already know that I want to go to India. This movie is one of the reasons why. And don't be deceived by the title of the movie. It is not an instructional video, though it does give you some very helpful tips and pointers from the sexual manual, but that's a bonus. This movie is so vivid, so rich, that honestly the scenery could have just been its own movie. But the story itself is absolutely beautiful.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
OK, I know what you're thinking. How the hell is The Lord of the Rings a Valentine's Day movie, let alone the whole trilogy. I'll tell you why. Because behind all the fantasy and the fighting and crazy looking creatures, the main point is that love does conquer all. That good and light will always defeat the darkness. That real friends, true relationships, they will last and will be there, always. I'm getting weepy just thinking about it.

Pride & Prejudice
And of course the the English major in me could not resist to put a Bronte novel on here. I love this Keira Knightly version and I am still waiting on my own Mr. Darcy to come in and sweep me off my feet and whisk me away to Pemberly, where we will live forever, happily in love with all our money. Now I'm starting to understand that "women being rescued" stigma. Oh well, I'm still waiting Darcy!!! I'm here, save me!

Monsoon Wedding
Once again we are traveling back to India, but this time, we're in modern India and frankly we are still having a ball. This film once again had the amazing background to play a cast member, capturing the essence of this country and its culture. But the script and the cast are so witty and funny and heartfelt, you swear that you're not in your living room watching a movie, but in the midst of all the family commotion. Tens across the board.

The Princess Bride
"As you wish". Oh my sweet Westly, let's ride off into the sunset. I think this has been one of my favorite movies since I was 8.  And the simple fact that the late Peter Faulk and Andre the Giant are in it should be enough to make you watch this movie over and over again. Actually, why are you reading this? Go and watch this movie!

 Say Anything
It's the  80's and you wear high top sneakers and carry abloom box with you at all times just in case you  have to show some grand gesture of just how much you love your girl. If this  is you, your name might be Lloyd Dobbler.   This coming of age  tale was another movie that shaped  my perception of relationships and  even more so the relationships that we have with our parents. If you have thought the world of mom or dad or both and one day you find that  they are not the person  you were  thought they were, how to rebuild and really can you?

The Color Purple
I saved the best for last. This is in fact my favorite movie of all time. Its a classic through in through. And yes, it is another film which shows the dynamic of different kinds of relationships, with siblings and lovers. But my main reason for making this my number one is that it shows the important ace of self love and what the out come is when you love yourself and when you don't. How that self love shapes everything around you. Like I said, classic.


  1. Like Water for Chocolate, based on book with same title by Laura Esquivel, is one of my favorite films. It beautifully illustrates the concept of pouring one's love in the food while cooking. (I'm being vague to prevent any spoilers)

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply!!!! And YES!!! That is an excellent movie. I love it too. I think we need to do a special guest blog for each other and list our top movies and books!!!!

    2. That would be awesome!! Just let me know when...