Thursday, February 27, 2014

Halftime: Making it to 20 Weeks

Hello there! Can you believe that its the end of the month already? Weren't we just celebrating the new year? I guess it's true that time waits for no man…or woman. And really, that's what this post is all about, time. Or rather, how I have so little of it before this little girl makes her debut.

I know every pregnancy is different, but this one has been a real challenge. Mainly due to the continued morning sickness that is still present even now from time to time. But what is really on my mind, is that I have made it to the half way mark. I am officially almost there in a sense. However, it is not the nausea that has me in its grasp. It is knowing that I have tons of things to do before she gets here. I can attest that I'm much more relaxed mentally then I was with Masaya. But. I also know that there are things that need to be done before this baby comes. Here's the short list:

1. Clean & Organize all rooms
2. Prepare the nursery
3. Prepare Masaya & Dexter (as much as a 4 year old and a dog can be prepared)
4. Find a doula (started early with no luck thus far)
5. Take refresher parenting & breastfeeding classes
6. Pamper myself as much as possible!!!!
7. Take an infant CPR class
8. Spend time with Kenji & Masaya (everyone needs special mommy time)
9. Register for baby
10. Have a shower/sprinkle (although I don't plan it, I need to know whats going on)
11. Put birth plan together

Hhhhhmmmm….I think that's about it. Am I forgetting anything? For those of you reading this with experience on baby number two, what did you do to prepare? I would love to hear from you and know that I'm on the right track. As always, be blessed!

Love Malinda xoxox

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