Saturday, September 14, 2013

Goodbye Baby Boy, Hello Little Man....

Hello there! Hope everyone is getting into the swing of the coming autumn season. The weather is getting cooler, Starbucks is selling Pumpkin Spiced Lattes again (praise the LORD!) and its all about fashion week in major cities across the country. For me, its the anticipation of knowing that this is the last season before my little winter baby turns another year.

I remember dreaming of my son when I was pregnant with him. I had always prayed for children and when my husband and I conceived Masaya, I can truly say that my deepest wish had come true. I imagined his smile, the shape of his face, would he have Kenji's eyes or mine. And once he was born, he was even more magnificent then I had thought. The best advice I received from all the mothers I knew was "enjoy every moment, because it will be gone before you know it". And they were right. I think I took a picture of him almost every day that first year. And it was a year of so many firsts. First time mother and father, first born son, first laugh, first fever, first steps and on and on they went. These emotional moments, branded into my mind. Memories, that I pray I will be able to keep until my last breath. Fast forward a few years later. There are still many firsts, first day of pre-school, first real bicycle, complete with training wheels. And there will be more firsts to come, but something is different now. I no longer have a baby and can not call him a toddler either. I have a little boy, a man child who becomes more and more independent as the days go by. Slowly needing me less and relying on his own instincts more. Part of me longs for my sweet baby. The coos and the wordless communication that only he and I shared. Our secret world. But...watching my son grow, advance, achieve and progress fills my heart and soul like nothing in this world. Even now, I have tears in my eyes just thinking of how proud I am of this child that I helped to create. My little man, my boy. Light of my life and Kenji and my love, manifested in flesh.

I know I wax poetic about my wee one. Don't get me wrong, some days I want to ring his little neck. But everyday, I thank God that I was honored to be his mother, his teacher of life lessons and bricklayer of his foundation. I know that my son will one day leave my house to create a home for himself and to make his way in this world. I am just grateful that today is not that day...not yet for my little man. Enjoy everyday with your children my truly is a blessing.

Love Always,
Malinda xoxo


  1. That was incredibly sweet. Gosh you were so right about how time flies by...literally days become months and those turn to years--so fast. Enjoy these moments with your son, before he grows up to be a brooding teenager filled with angst towards the world lol.

    1. Thank you for always reading Kelsey...and yes! The time goes by so fast. I hope that once Masaya reaching that teenager stage, he will always remember our bond. Love to you sweetie!