Thursday, August 1, 2013

Its All About the Corn

Hi everyone! Here I am again with another tip on the goings on in Western New York. This month is extrememly busy, like summer as a whole really. Its been non-stop and i have to say I'm pretty tired, but ready for some more. This post is dedicated to the Eden Corn Festival, an annual event to celebrate the corn season and summer. Here's just a little taste of what went on.

Yes, me and my mini me whirling around in a pink dragon ride. I tell you it doesn't get more summer then that. And did I mention the corn? The sweet taste of summer corn is a staple of any warm weather event and this year in Eden did not disappoint. Masaya and I couldn't even wait til we reached home as we both mucnched on buttery ears of corn on the way home. I know people thought we were crazy, but we did not care. It was too divine. And even with all the festivities, the main thing that sticks out in my head about this event is the people. Being greeted with a smile and seeing how helpful and together a community is was so refreshing to me. It says so much about this town and it makes me want to support this event for many years to come. Today marks the begining of the festival and it will run through the end of the week on Sunday. For more information please visit

 Masaya riding like a maniac!
Tons of events & animals to see

The sweet, delicious corn that didn't make it to the house.

Look who won a fish!

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