Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Perfect Combination

Hello everyone! WOW! Summer is in full swing and if you're like me and my family you are trying everything in your power to beat the heat. And this summer is a scorcher. I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for not only visting my site, but supporting me, giving me your feedback and sharing my experiences. I can not tell you how touched I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My husband and I were discussing the many differences of Japanese culture and American culture the other night. This is something we actually talk about form time to time and I find it very interesting. Plus, I truly believe that this brings him and I closer as a couple. When we can discuss our differences without judgment or fear of criticism, it not only manifests in great communication, but it enforces respect and strengthens love and admiration. I started out talking about how as a society, Japanese men are not ambitious. That they tend to see life as a "this is what I was told it to be and this is how it is and nothing will change". Kenji agreed and countered that Americans, especially men are cocky. That confidence is good, but only when it can be backed up and in most cases that he's seen, it usually can't. I said I didn't like the fact that Japanese society is humble to a fault. And that if given a compliment, they shy away from it, instead of accepting and saying thank you as I was taught. We went on and on like this for a while and then focused out attention to the attributes we did and didn't want our son to have. He should be studious, but still creative and an individual. He should be confident, but not cocky. He should take pride in his work, but not let it consume him. And on and on and on we went. Then it finallly dawned on me, this is every couple, every parent, every child. We give our offspring the best of both genes to create better human beings. This is nature, taking the strongest, smartest, most beautiful aspects of each parent and making the perfect combination. It doesn't just lay in the color of his eyes or his dark brown, curly hair. Its not just his smooth brown skin or his round face. My son is truly the perfect combination of my husband and I, mind, body and spirit.

And really, isn't that what we want for the next generation? That they should be better then we are. Better men and better women. To be better teachers, better inventors and better scholars. To have betters minds and better hearts. This is our duty as parents and guardians and really society as a whole. We must create and raise up a better generation from perfect combinations.

To all those perfect combinations,
Love Malinda xoxox