Sunday, July 7, 2013

Soul Sunday #1: Homecoming 2013

Hello my friends! I pray that all of you are well. As the video above stated, today was my congregation's homecoming. It was a beautiful day in Buffalo, New York and the day went by wonderfully. So as I promised, here are two songs by the Linwood Avenue Church of Christ chorus. The first is called Beyond the Starry Sky, led by yours truly and the second is called We Have Come This Far by Faith, led by the talented Ronell Hardy-Spivey. As always, thank you for visiting, leave feedback if you like and love to you all!!!

-Malinda xoxox


  1. How awesome is that your church doesn't use instruments!!!! I love hearing good music, no matter what genre. Especially music that has a positive meaning and spirit to definitely helps in the times when we most need it!

  2. Can I add, that after hearing the songs--they are beautiful! I like them better without instruments. I knew you could sing...but you really can sang!!!! And tell your BFF Ronell (sp?) she has an amazing voice. When she hit some of those notes, I could feel the passion :)