Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day, his way...

Hello friends! And happy Father's Day those who are fathers. Once again, this wish is to Fathers of all shapes and sizes. Biological and adopted, uncles and big brothers. It is common knowledge that this day does not get as much recognition as its counter part, Mother's Day. And really, that is a shame because we need more fathers in the lives of us all. But this isn't about my father, this one is about a father in the husband.

I hate to admit this but, I'm controlling. Not crazy "Mommy Dearest" controlling, but I am very particular in how my house is run and how I raise my child. My husband...not so much. He can be relaxed to a fault, especially when it comes to Masaya. This drives me crazy. I find myself constantly asking him what activities he planned on doing with him, did he take him outside, how long did he take him outside, what did he give him to eat, was it balanced and on and on and on. My husband might have the patience of a saint because for the most part he just nods and does exactly what I ask. Then I have to remind myself that Kenji has no early childhood eduction background, he wasn't a preschool teacher and he wasn't around small children. Everything is new to him and he has to find his own way as a father. That is his journey and he determines how to shape his relationship with our son. It is not up to me to micromanage.

Sure, I wish my husband would  be more active with our son and do a bit more planning. But from the day Masaya was born I have never questioned Kenji's love for him. And really, that is what moves me, what tells me to back off and what reminds me that he truly is the perfect father because he is doing it his way.

Happy Fathers Day to all

Love Malinda xoxo

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  1. I think balance is good. And with you and Kenji, you can achieve that. Also parenting is a learning process. Lots of ups and downs, but you learn from all of it!