Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012: A Personal Retrospective

The end of another year and so many lessons learned. There is no antic dote or story for me to go into this time. And though it would be so easy to say that we are all in the same boat, I can only speak from my own experiences. With that, I can also say that in sharing my experiences, I have become stronger, more self aware. In this I pray that this energy has gone out into our world in some way shape or form.
This was not the greatest year of my life, nor was it the worse. But I will say that I faced more then my fair share of challenges. Through guidance, prayer, reflection and hard decisions, I had to reevaluate relationships, chosen paths and the outline of my future. Even writing this now I do not feel content in all aspects of my life. Honestly things are very much in disarray.  There are so many uncertainties that I will face. The only option I have is to hold on hope. And truly, that is how I perceived this past year, a hope filled year. But that's the thing about hope, its not a guarantee that you'll get what you desire. To quote the group DAWES "No my dreams did not come true, no they only came apart" sums up twenty twelve for me. Yet, I still hold on. I still believe and have faith, that even in my darkest hours that there is light that will shine through. This is my prayer for all I meet. No matter what you go through or what you face, you can strive to push forward; because that is what I'm doing. Longing for things that will never come, the disappointment of a life that you will not have is a hurtle. But it is not a death sentence and you cannot let it stop you from building a new life. And really, isn't that what life is, a concoction of love, hate, good, evil, happiness and sadness all rolled into one. A cosmic slop of the most beautiful colors and warmest emotions, dashed with bitter seasoning. My bitter season is not over, but I know that when this winter ends, the spring that will take its place will be even more appreciated and I am grateful in knowing that my hope is built on nothing less.

I wish you all a safe, reflective and beautiful new year. Filled with love, light...and hope.

Peace & Blessings
Malinda xoxox

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