Thursday, August 23, 2012

Redefining Beauty

So I want to start with a shout out to the Kardashian sisters. Hey Kourt! Hey Kim! Hey Khol! Why am I taking the time to mention people who are already over exposed and really need to go away for a while? Well, I have a love-hate relationship with these women. Yes, they are annoying and the consistent baby talk makes me want to shot someone in the face, but I like the fact that they are shrewd business women. More so, I love the fact that these ladies helped to change what we think about beauty here in America. They helped to change what the mainstream called hot, sexy, gorgeous and beautiful. So yes, thank you girls for finally making it ok here in America to be attached to women who are not, white, Anglo-saxon, blonde hair/blue eye and who only weigh 105 lb.

I will be the first to tell you...I don't like the way that I look. I never have. I always felt plain, especially compared to my mother, who is the most beautiful woman on the planet. Now, don't get  me wrong, I'm a cool ass chick! I'm smart, funny, a great person to be around. I remember in high school that i would go an d sit at a table by myself and no less then 5 minutes later, the table would be full. I'm the person you want to be around. The girl you want to hang out with. (I know, "Damn girl! Have a slice of humble pie!") But, these are things that I focused on because I knew that I was not the woman who could get by on her looks. Sure, I have great boobs. I love my breasts, but I have a flat ass, which was something that I was reminded of all throughout grade school into high school. The only woman of color with no ass. Not the kind of title you want, right. I've always been chubby, but I still have an athletic build, which I have become so proud of. Thanks Serena Williams! I've been called pretty, cute most of the time, but puppies are cute. Babies are cute. Hell, tea cup pigs are cute. for a grown ass woman, its  not really a compliment. So I went though much of my adolescence and part of my early adulthood thinking that I was not desirable. Then, I went to Japan and something happened. Men of every race, culture, size, shape you name were wanting me. WHAT??????!!!!!! Little old me? I was most surprised at the rate of white men after me because I was told, from a dumb high school friend, that white men were not attracted to black women. (Yeah, I know. WNY can be real backwards in someways. If that is really the case, white guys in Buffalo, you have no idea what you're missing!) I realized that maybe I was too hard on myself, but also, men are attracted to confident women. You hold you head up and love yourself, love from others will follow. Like the lunch room, I was perfectly fine to be alone because I am ok with me inside, that attracted others to me. Like attracts like.

Long story short, I am glad that things are changing, slowly, but surely, in the way we see beauty. Some  people are just physically beautiful, its just life, but the standard of looking a certain way is changing. We have become more open, more accepting and there fore, we now have so many options. Doors that were once closed are now open. And hey, we could all use some sexy time. maybe if we did more of that, this country would be in a better state. I mean, really, "All you need is love".

Peace and blessing to you all :)
Malinda xoxox

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  1. Personally I don't like the Kardasians. Well I don't know all of them but I don't like Kim. I think it's sad she became famous off of a sex tape. And I don't think she's very smart or pretty-- hey with a pound of makeup and weave, a butt pad and some silicon-anyone can be her! I do think that it is nice people are changing their ideas of beauty. Natural hairstyles are popular and all shades of colors in the rainbow are viewed as gorgeous. I hope this love spreads and grows as ppl need to realize beauty comes in all shades, not just black and white.