Monday, March 26, 2012

The Big Picture

Its been so long since I've written and I've miss this so much. Since I have been MIA, so much has happened in our world and so much continues to happen. There are so many wonderful things that are currently keeping my attention. So much art and great music, movies, clothing, fashion and AMAZING weather that I did not realize that I was yearning for. There are also tragedies, horrible sadness and constant strife that if we linger too long on them, we can be lost. I'm not going to mention these things because so many have already and they will continue to do so. I want to focus on the big picture.

We are human, no matter how we are perceived, by ourselves or others. We will make mistakes and fall, but if we are blessed to live another day then we can learn from it. I find more and more, that we get caught up in the little things, the petty things, the bullshit. I try not to use that type of language, but really, there's no other way for me to put it. I look at the current election in the USA and all the name calling and insignificant things that are making headlines, when we need solutions. I know some of you will just say its politics, but really, its not. When our fore fathers created our government, this is not what they had in mind. We have gone so far to the extreme on all sides that we are all missing the big picture. There is a reason why I love to mediate at the end of each day. The reason why I do this is; no mater how great or how low my day was I can reflection on the bigger picture. That I am still healthy and that I am alive. That I love my husband, even though he may have pissed me off and that I can't get enough of our son even if he got on my last nerve. I am grateful for my job because it allows me to care for myself and my family. And most important I am so thankful to GOD for life. Pure and simple and all around

This is the big picture. This is what I reflect upon during my meditation sessions at night. This is how I end my day and if I live to see another, I vow to continue living for the moment in that day, looking at the big picture.

God Bless you all
-Love Malinda xoxo

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