Friday, February 17, 2012

What happened today

My husband and son were in a car accident this morning. Now, before we get all deep into this, they are both ok. No worries and praise to the Highest for keeping them safe. Now, back to my story.

When I found out, my heart sank. I mean for real. I believe my heart actually stopped beating for a second because all I could think was, are they ok? As I rushed out of worked, red eyed from all the crying I was doing, my mind was racing. All I could think was, my baby, my baby. It was as if I was drowning. When I reached the scene things were pretty much taken care of. Kenji and Masaya were waiting for me in the back of a police car (which Masaya loved by the way. And the fact that there was an ambulance and a fire truck made his day.). I called Kenji and told him I was here and asked the police officer if I could get my son. She told me I would have to wait and then I really lost it! The tears were coming so quickly I feel embarrassed thinking about it now, after the fact. But this is my son and I will kill for him if I had to. The officer quickly changed her mind and opened the car door and Masaya came to me smiling and saying "Hi Mommy". I love them both so very much.

The point of all is this, please let the ones you hold dear know that they are loved. You NEVER know what will happen once you step out of your door. It was a regular day for us. Gong to work, running errands. I hold Kenji and Masaya so deep in my heart that we are all one entity. I charge you all to love the ones you're with. Tell them everyday or show them how much you care. Not only will you be blessed in return, but God forbid, if the alternative happens, you can be comforted knowing that both you and they were loved. Luther Vandross sang a song about "little miracles happen everyday". I firmly believe this and I am so grateful that its true.

I love you all

-Malinda xoxo


  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing! My eyes teared up!
    Glad everyone is fine! Xoxo

  2. I'm so glad they're ok!

    Matt has been in 2 accidents in our short time together that scared the living day lights out of me. The first was a 17 car, yes 17 car accident on the 190. He couldn't tell me where he was; he didn't know the mile marker. I had no idea how to find him and it was terrifying.

    The other happened the day before my EDD. At that point I was on bedrest and all I could think was: how am I going to do this alone?

    It's amazing to think of how many people take their friends and family for granted, I know you don't.