Sunday, February 19, 2012

This is my passion

We're always told that if you find something that you love doing, stick with it. That people who are happiest with their jobs are people who would do it for no money. This is how I feel when I throw a party. And honestly, its not so much about throwing a party, its about entertaining. I LOVE entertaining. I love putting something together and seeing peoples' reaction when they enter a room. I love the details, the prep, and all that goes into it.

I have fought this for a long time actually. I've known since 2007 that I wanted to be an event planner. The thing for me was more about confidence. I was scared to put it into practice. What if I failed? What if they don't like what I do? How will I support my family? All these things still ring in my head, but they are not as loud as they use to be. I'm at a point in my life where I want to do what I love, what I have a passion for. I have started do small things here and there and if it takes off, I will do it full time. And I don't just want to stop there. I want to grow and expand and eventually combine my talents with my mother's and really make this a family legacy. I hope and pray that I have your support, but with or without it, there is nothing stopping me now.

Peace & Blessing

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