About Tokyo Girl

A Tokyo Girl At Heart is the brain child of Malinda Caudle. Malinda, a native of Western New York, always loved to travel and meet new people. After living in Tokyo for 6 years, Malinda relocated back to the United States. Though Malinda was not physically in Japan, the spirit of the East was always with her. Returning to her roots in Buffalo, New York, Malinda created this lifestyle blog to reflects not only her life, but that amazing culture of the home she left overseas and the one she now resides in. From all the new events/projects in Buffalo to parenting and relationship advice to the latest DIY, you'll find it all here at A Tokyo Girl At Heart.

I thank you all so very much for your continued love, support and inspiration. This website is as much about you as it is about myself, family and friends. I promise to bring you nothing but uplifting content and I want you as the readers to know that I strive to make each entry my best. Peace, blessings and love to you all.

Malinda xoxo