Monday, July 29, 2013

A Tokyo Girl At Heart At the 2013 Buffalo Garden Walk

Hello everyone! This past weekend was so busy, but hey, I'd rather have tons of things to do, then nothing at all. And if you are a WNY resident, you may have been at the annual Buffalo Garden Walk like I was. This was the 19th year for the event and it did not disappoint. And I know some of you are like "...gardening...really Malinda. Isn't that for older people? It defiantly can't be for people living in the city." Well honey, let me tell you, the gardens are for EVERYONE and if you thought it was only for those out in the suburbs or the country, I can tell you that these gardens put that idea to shame.  Here's a brief introduction and I will let you see for yourself!

Now that we have all seen me sweating yet again, I wanted to post just a few photos. Now, I really should have brought the real camera and I want to apologize in advice for the iPhone quality, but there was so much to see and so little time to see it in, as I pretty much tried to cram everything in one day. And of course, I missed tons of beautiful gardens, but if anything, it helps me plan for next year. So before we get into the photos, I just want to give you a little background as to why I have been drawn to these types of events and been inspired to make my own garden. First, the idea of it being "my own"is a driving force. As any homeowner can tell you, it may be a headache, but there is nothing like having your own. Whether you rent or home. No matter the size, be it a whole yard or just a potted plant, it is yours and it something you should take pride in. Second, gardens are a mood booster. They automatically bring you peace, not to mention how beautiful they are to look at, touch and smell. All your senses are involved, making the experience even more memorable. And third, gardens set an amazing environment for any event. Be it a backyard/balcony bbq, bridal shower, kids birthday. No need to rent a space because you have one. So enough of my ramblings about my love for all things garden, here are some amazing photos and remember, you can find more information at or find them on Facebook. Enjoy!!!!

Beautiful estate on West Ferry Avenue 

The famous Norwood Avenue Treehouse and garden. Those kids are lucky to have that handy Dad!

Pool Garden on Norwood Avenue. Remind me to become best friends with this owner.

Another beautiful backyard on Norwood Avenue.

And the front yards are just as amazing as the backs. 

This breathtaking backyard was complete with beautiful fountains, water fixtures, iron gazebo and live music by a talented young lady.

Another awesome backyard complete with a mini garden on the side. Too cute!!!

 The cottage district of Buffalo, NY is not to be missed. These homes may be small, but they are huge in the beauty they offer and there are surprises around every corner. 

My last stop on Richmond Avenue on my walk home. And the sunflower and bubmblebee at the top were from this lovely garden too.

Thank you to all the organizers on their hard work, the gardeners who opened their beautiful works of art to the public and everyone else who made this event such a success. Until next year everyone!